How to create a catchy resume that works


„How to create a resume?” – a question that concerns almost everyone who is in search of work. And we have a detailed and clear answer.

We will tell and explain in detail what the professional resume should be. Let’s show you the structure of such a resume and share secrets on how to capture the attention of the employer.

1. Specify the position

If you do not know how to compile a resume, be sure to specify the position you are applying for. She’s the name of the resume. This is the most important part of your professional card. The more specific, the better, for example: Accountant, English Translator, Purchasing Manager.


2. Add contact details

Introduce yourself and write your phone number. You should not specify the address of residence, since it is unlikely that the employer will write you a letter. But you must write an email address. Also do not hamper to indicate the city of your residence or the city to which you are ready to move.

2.1 Describe your work experience.

Describe your work experience as much as possible. It is worth starting from the last place of work, and finishing – first. If on the professional path you had to work in a completely different specialty to which you apply, this information can be missed.

  • Period of work
  • Your responsibilities in this position
  • The position you have held
  • Direction of the company’s activity

It is very important to describe in detail what exactly was your responsibility and what heights you have reached. You do not have to use complex designs.

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